There’s more to Internet Marketing than Google!

There’s more to Internet Marketing than Google!

In terms of internet marketing, Google is a colossus. It stands astride the world, shadowing all we do online. Whatever your question, if in doubt the response will so often be ‘Google it’.

However, the resistance has begun. Well, not really. It’s hard to consider Microsoft & Yahoo as under dogs, but in terms of search engines they are. That could be changing however. Bing (Microsoft’s Search Engine) & Yahoo have been steadily growing their market share, with Yahoo now the default search engine on Firefox and Bing already the default on Internet Explorer. With Bing/Yahoo representing over 26% of the advertising spend in the US, Bing Ads is starting to become more and more important.

How is Bing ads Different from Google?

Aside from the fact that they’re on different ad networks, not a lot. Bing ads operates on the same principles as Google, ads are paid for when someone clicks and they’re organised on the search results in a very similar way. A box of ads at the top, with some down the side and others at the bottom. The advertising is also very similar with keywords used to target the ads organised into ad groups and campaigns.

The interesting thing with Bing ads is how similar it is to Google and anyone who has experience with Google AdWords will find Bing very simple to follow. There is decreased traffic as Bing does have a lower Market share from Google. That is however what we would expect.


Ok, if there’s less traffic why should I advertise on Bing?

Bing/Yahoo represent over 25% of the market share. If you only advertise on Google, then you are missing 25% of potential traffic. While it might be true that there may be some overlap, realistically you are limiting your audience exclusively to Google users. That seems like a bad idea, why would you want to exclude traffic just because the customers are using a different search engine?

Additionally, in my experience click prices on the Bing Ads Network are also cheaper than on AdWords. This allows you to be more aggressive on the Bing Network, achieving a higher position and increasing click through rates. If you also combine this with Remarketing in AdWords, you are automatically increasing the number of people in your Remarketing Lists. This means more quality traffic and more quality traffic means more conversions.

Is anything missing?

Sadly at this time yes. Google shopping is one of the best avenues for ecommerce sites to sell their products and drive sales. Now for US clients, Bing has an equivalent. However in the UK and Rest of the World Bing Ads does not have a shopping platform. Hopefully this will be changed soon as it seems a fairly simple fix in terms of increasing Bing & Yahoo ad spend.

Additionally, there isn’t really any display advertising at this time. There is a content network, but again this is only in the US and doesn’t allow for the use of image ads at this time. Again, there seems to be no reason this is US exclusive and why there are no image ads is anyone’s guess.

So don’t bother?

Having said the above, Bing ads is still a very useful weapon in your internet marketing arsenal. While it lacks shopping and display, the text ads campaigns are very intuitive to AdWords managers and the addition of advertising to customers who might otherwise have been lost is a no brainer. That coupled with the continued growth of Bing & Yahoo’s market share means you should at the very least be considering this!