Remarketing – Getting back your lost sales

Remarketing – Getting back your lost sales

Despite the best efforts of web designers, no website is perfect. It goes without saying that some users will visit your site and then leave without having the decency to convert…

You cannot really do anything about this. People may just not be in the mood to buy your trainers, they might not want to sign up to your very useful events tracking service, downloading your software or they might just have wandered into the site by mistake without realising. Whatever the reason, they do not always convert.

Thankfully, there is a way of alleviating this problem. Google (and now Facebook) have a service where you can target visitors to your site who did not convert and advertise exclusively to them in certain ways:


Display Ads

There are countless sites on the internet that are part of Google’s display network. The chances are you visit a fair number of these every day. These are covered in image, text and video ads from advertisers. With Remarketing, you can target users who visited your site with these ads. To be even more specific, you can use Dynamic Remarketing to show ads tailored to the content that the visitor viewed on your website. For example, if customers came onto your site and viewed your line of trainers, your image ad could show them similar trainers. If you’re in real estate, you could show properties similar to the ones the visitor looked at on your site.


Remarketing with Google Search

On average, returning visitors are twice as likely to convert. Its not rocket science, in theory people coming back to your site are twice as valuable. Wouldn’t it be great if you could increase bids for these visitors? Well good news! With Google Remarketing you can. This can help you to increase the likelihood of returning visitors and improve on site conversion rates!


Facebook Remarketing


As far as ‘most used website’ goes Facebook has got to be competing. It had more than 1.3 billion users at the end of 2014 and continues to grow. Now it is making serious strides as an advertising platform and Remarketing is one of its best weapons. Working in a similar way to Remarketing on Google display, Facebook Remarketing uses the world’s biggest social network to enhance your brand and drive more returning visitors to your website.


In conclusion

Well, Morpheus maybe exaggerating but he does have a point. Remarketing can increase returning visitors, boost brand awareness and ultimately drive returning business through your website. In terms of an internet marketing strategy, it has to be one of the most important strategies to consider. In my opinion, it is an absolute must. People visit huge numbers of websites every single day. How do you make yours stick in their memory? By reminding them with Remarketing.

What Now?

Here at Global Search Marketing we have a team of AdWords qualified professionals who can help you get your Remarketing Campaign started. With experience of both Google & Facebook remarketing we can help you to make the necessary on site changes, set up your AdWords/Facebook Ads account and help in the production of image ads. From there we will work with you with data from Google Analytics and AdWords/Facebook to optimise your remarketing campaigns.

So if you want to get started with Remarketing give us a call. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to help get you started.