AdWords Editor has had a make-over

AdWords Editor has had a make-over

As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, AdWords Editor has had a little revamp. The new update is available to all advertisers to make it even easier to create fab campaigns. But what’s new?


The first change you will notice is the slight change in design. The colour scheme is more simple, clean and visible making it far easier to navigate round. Bonus, right?

Custom rules

This update allows advertisers to create and edit custom rules for ads that even let you know of any violations prior to posting live – impressive and very handy. Another way to utilise this addition could be for sitelinks. For example, if you want all your search ads to have 4 sitelinks, you can set this as a custom rule. AdWords editor will then alert you if any of your search ads are not following this rule.

Faster downloads

Pretty self-explanatory, no? AdWords Editor now incorporates more data from the prior version so that when it comes to downloading a new one, it’s much faster.

Bidding to Maximize Conversions

Googles Maximise Conversions technology utilises smart bidding to automatically set the right bid for each auction. This then allows you get the maximum amount of conversions your daily budget allow. This new version provides full support of this strategy.

More videos and images

AdWords Editor now allows you to upload 20 images and/or videos for Universal App Campaigns.
In addition, new customization fields have been added for responsive ads which include “price prefix”, “promotion text”, “4:1logo” and “call to action text”.