5 things Internet Marketers need to think of in 2017

5 things Internet Marketers need to think of in 2017

Over the last 12 months a number of new challenges have emerged in internet marketing. The medium is constantly evolving and changing. So it is important for companies in the modern age to maximise their efforts to be as adaptable as possible. In my opinion, there are five key areas that your internet marketing should focus on:

Mobile Visits

Yes I know this was probably 2014’s problem as well, but that doesn’t mean that it has stopped being an issue. The percentage of internet traffic that is mobile has been on the rise every year. That might seem far fetched, but think about it. What device us with you 24 hours a day, to the point that being apart from it can be almost painful? Look around when you’re out and about, smart phones are everywhere. If your site can’t handle mobile traffic, if it isn’t optimised for mobile users, you are potentially throwing away huge portions of traffic that could lead to sales or at least branding.

Importance: 9/10 it is hard to think of a good reason not to have a mobile optimised website.


Or re targeting depending on who you ask. Let’s be reasonable. You could have the best website in the world, with mobile optimised features, great landing pages, relevant content, competitive prices, but it is still highly unlikely that you will get 100% of users on your site buying or becoming a qualified lead. There will be visitors that don’t convert. What to do? Get upset, angry? No, get even. With re marketing, you can track users who didn’t convert and show them image, text or video ads while they browse the web or even target them higher on Google search results. In this way you can turn more visitors to your site into new customers.

Importance: 8/10 the ability to convert more of your hard earned visitors into customers is the goal of all internet marketing and re marketing is a great way to those additional conversions.

Facebook ads

On average people probably spend more time on Facebook than they do breathing. While that statement may be ever so slightly flippant but there is plenty of advertising space to be had and a lot of opportunity to promote your products and services to a highly targeted audience. Facebook has plenty of user data with which target and with the addition of re marketing you can even target visitors to your site on Facebook. There is even the recent release of product ads to show products to potential customers. Facebook is targeting increased ad revenue so making use this avenue is becoming more and more important.

Importance: 7/10 with a growing ad inventory Facebook is becoming a more and more important avenue both in terms of branding and selling. Should be in every internet marketers thoughts.

The other search network

As hard as it is to believe, the internet doesn’t completely revolve around Google. Surprising I know, but the Bing/Yahoo network has passed a 20% market share and is continuing to grow, with a deal for Yahoo to become the default search engine on Firefox and Bing the default on Internet Explorer, surely there is a growing list of reasons for any successful AdWords account to jump onto here too. Add in the release of Bing Ads shopping in the UK, and it starts to become a really obvious move.

Importance: 6/10 the promise here is great, but its still only 20% right now…

Social Networking

Off the top of your head, think of as many social networks as you can. Chances are you thought of Facebook and Twitter at least, but what about Pinterest and LinkedIn? The gap between the business and the customer becomes ever smaller, with Social Media meaning anyone can be heard. How you exploit this can have a big impact on your business. Drawing your customers closer increases trust, meaning that they come to accept you more as a household name. Which can mean they are all the more likely to trust you when the moment comes.

Importance: 7/10 a well run social media campaign can support all other marketing platforms by making those all important conversions even more likely.

Make up your own mind

These are my five. Yours may be different. What can’t be denied is how important online marketing is now. The internet is here at your finger tips 24 hours a day. If you’re not making full use of it, you will regret it. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life (sorry, I’m a sucker for a movie quote…)